The Brief
Create cohesion between Vans' general advertising and their print media. Vans has lost their essence through their print adverts over the years. Create a series of posters that would still appeal to Vans current target audience but could also include more target markets whilst still sticking to the essence of what makes Vans who they are.
The Concept
Through conducting research, the target audience was established as one being who stand for anti-establishment, the non-conformists, those that fight for nonsensical behaviour and those who don’t follow or abide by the rules. These kinds of people are the ones that need to be targeted wholeheartedly. Through illustration and quirky acronym stories a great sense of liberation has been achieved. The stories are incredibly arbitrary which appeals to the different kind of thinking that Vans target audience has. 
The concept involves designing a series of posters that would express the idea of creative story telling. The idea that there is a pair of Vans for everyone and that suits everyone’s story would be the essence of this communications piece. The concept is to illustrate the idea of self-expression through acronyms using the word “VANS”. An illustration would then accompany the given story in order to enhance the story. Illustrated posters relate to the message of being expressive, creative and imaginative as it is art through visual communication. This would resonate with said target audience, for it is quirky, playful and unconventional. It was also established through research that one of the pillars of the Vans brand is art, and poster design would fall into this category, thus enhancing our concept and target market appeal.
Brainstorming and Scamps
Brainstorming various potential acronym stories.
Very Angelic Noodle Soup
Vain Avocado Needs Service
Vampires Are Not Scary
Vikings Also Need Shampoo
Typography Design
Original hand rendered typography
Digital outlines 
Digitised and hand rendered - Colour fill
Final shading and highlights added
Illustration Design
Viking Outline
Viking Colour Addition
Viking Shading
Viking Texture
Final Illustrations

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