The Challenge:
Block X Wealth (now ECSTATUS) is a global capital management firm who use AI technology to help trade digital and high volatility asset classes. Essentially they are a tech powered platform built for the new age of digital disruption. That being said, because the subject matter is highly complex, their messaging was being lost in translation.
Sleuth was asked to provide an outside perspective and guidance on creating a cohesive brand and identity system that would set them up for years to come.
Our Approach:
Out with the old, in with the new - Goodbye Block X Wealth, hello ECSTATUS. We made this decision because we wanted to lose all associations with a strictly cryto environment and developed a name and narrative that spoke to the core of what ECSTATUS creates value for its clients - through its technology and its people. The word ECSTATUS originated from the latin work exstō which roughly translates to stand out and project or to be prominent.
Working closely with the management team, Sleuth was able to develop a common language and set of stories to best communicate the new narrative. Through this collaborative process it enabled both parties to learn from each other and soon everyone was speaking the same language.
With this new information and narrative Sleuth was ready to go to execution. The clarity gained from the initial research ensured that a cohesive brand identity was developed which aligned to the business' purpose and values.
Our Concept:
"Looking at the Cosmos: To Infinity And Beyond…" 
Visual Narrative: The Noise is deafening. Seek Silence in Space.
Looking out towards the cosmos we are faced with incredible beauty and insane complexity. For centuries, humans have used the stars to navigate their way through uncharted territories. The somewhat abstract graphic elements used throughout the identity are representative of stars, constellations and matter in space.
The Visual Narrative is inspired by the vastness of space, using it as a metaphor for the overwhelming amount of information we come into contact with on a day to day basis, the high levels of complexity present unforeseen and unforeseeable obstacles. In the investment and asset management world we are faced with the daunting task of having to rely on computers to help us plot a safe journey, a little like how spaceships use them to navigate space
Brand Development - Sleuth (
Design - Anthony Browne
Website - Nicole Klaver
Motion - Dylan Timmes
Client - Block X Wealth (Now ECSTATUS)​​​​​​​

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